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Domestic EPCs

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Why do you need one?

The European Union has made it compulsory for all residential property to have an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) when they are advertised for sale or let.

How are they created?

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Following a detailed survey, a property is given a current energy rating and an environmental rating between A to G. Recommendations are also produced showing the potential cost savings achievable by improving the energy efficiency of the property and thus reducing C02 emissions. The Reports are advisory in nature, with no obligation to act on the recommendations. Please see Requirements for Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) when marketing homes for sale or let for a more detailed explanation of the legislation.

EPCs must be produced by qualified, accredited energy assessors. .

Our Service

The survey takes between 30 to 60 minutes, depending upon the size of the property. If you instruct us, we will agree a time to carry out the survey at your discretion, normally within a few days, depending upon access. The certificate will be delivered by email within 24 hours of the survey, or by first class post.

We aim to provide a professional, cost effective service, with a personal touch while assisting property owners to comply with this new legislation, thus avoiding financial penalties. Based near Diss, we are convenient to Norwich, Ipswich, Bury St. Edmunds and all of East Anglia. Please use our quotation form for a free quote or call us on 01379 740219, to discuss the process, or to obtain a quote.